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A Man and his Dog Productions
Music is our passion

Music is our passion. Because it made a mark on us from when we were born. We strive to bring you the best music from the best artists. Both signed artists and independent. We market music which deserves an audience. It is our business. And our music ultimately, hopefully, deserves… you. The listener with a good – might we say – developed taste for the extraordinary.

We nurture and develop talent.

We live in a new media landscape. New artists surfacing each day – by the thousands. A Man and his Dog Productions nurtures and develops the best of talents, like Mazeter and Ayalla. In different styles. And from different countries, even continents. A Man and his Dog Productions differentiates in developing true talent. Up and coming artists who “have what it takes”. Who will walk the extra mile – and them some. Because it’s in their DNA. Such artists don’t surface every day, or even every month. They surface very rarely. And maybe… that’s you.

We initiate opportunities.

Even the best of talents easily go unnoticed. We understand it is hard getting “there”. But do you know what “there” is? Because it is not (only) a matter of budget. It means thinking outside the box. Scoping your niche market. Sharpening your profile. Match making – on a musical base and foundation. We are no miracle workers nor do we have a (working) crystal globe. So you have to be willing to do the milage. And then we can set milestones together. Find and carve out your horizon. It is all about creating business – and musical – perspectives.

We manage what can’t be managed.

A Man and his Dog Productions works an allround portfolio of services. We have our own record label. And we offer experience, knowledge and our time to manage what can’t be managed – by yourself. Planning and thinking ahead. Because then we can anticipate change and outcome. And talking about things that can’t be managed: we even manage you, your personality, your perspectives and your horizon. Because that is effectively the difference in making it in the music business.


Phone +31(0)640396855

Email info@amanandhisdog.nl

Business overview

A Man and his Dog Productions – founded in 2014. Music is our passion. Our key USP is having everything in house, under one roof, to support our artists and their music.

We focus on:

  • design, planning, management, pre~ and post-production of all media (including music, video, graphics, online and offline)
  • scheduling and distribution of media, press, PR and legals
  • overall marketing and management of artists and services for our companies, subsidiaries and collaboration activities
  • artist profiling, management, nurishment, guidance, mentoring and training
  • bookings & events
  • distribution services, production & copyright protection
  • product and artist/project EAN, ISRC and label registration
  • our services are offered primarily to our subsidiaries, companies and available to artists signed by A Man and his Dog Records or exclusively on a per-project basis

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