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Ayalla is a Dutch classically trained multi-instrumentalist. He started playing instruments and studying music at the age of three. Ayalla is a musical project – and pseudonym by – Mazeter.

The name has its origins in different regions and cultures. It refers to a person who can appreciate and respect many refined aspects of life: drama, literature, arts, nature – and music.

Signature sound.

Ayalla songs often begin with traditionally arranged and composed parts. The work then transforms into a more hybrid form. Modular synthesis combined with ambient sounds, (vintage) electronic and acoustic instruments. Hence, most tracks start with patching up modules. Part planned, then inspirational. Ayalla, or Nick as he is called, considers this still pre-production. Then, all tracks are performed, some based on timed cue sheets and/or arrangements, recorded live. Recorded tracks get (post) produced by an iterative process, rendering a unique signature sound.

The result:  a very unique, and above all, musically and sonically inspiring universe. Human interpretation, as most recordings are not quantized. Thus, the feel is more natural and musical. The culmination of decades of playing and practicing.

Try outs, teasers and previews have been gaining fans, followers, and respect. Over the coarse of four years, Ayalla perfected his working method. And thus devised and developed an entirely new main music genre…

Cinematic electronica.

Ayalla’s style might be labeled as a cross-over between Vangelis, Suzanne Ciani, Tomita and Hans Zimmer.

These world-renowned artists are honored, maybe even tributed to some extend, in Ayalla productions. By some experienced as being more pure, spacious, contemplative and even spiritual. Modular synthesis, acoustic and electronic instruments, orchestrals, vocals and choirs. New age, neo spiritual, space music and darkwave ethereal influences. Or in short: cinematic electronica.

Storytelling and thematic.

Ayalla tracks and albums always base off of a theme or a story arc. Songs, through sounds, compositions and instrumentation, are based on ethnic, sometimes even religious or cultural phenomena, stories and events. Sometimes, such backgrounds are translated into sonic or melodic phrases. Sometimes Ayalla likes to leave references behind to his inspiration and sources, worked into compositions as “easter eggs” for listeners and enthousiasts to discover.

Sonic journeys.

Being classically trained, a multi-instrumentalist and an electronic pioneer, experiments, arranging, composing and recording all interact. This has the advantage that basically any idea could be realized. Fifty years of studying and playing. Over fourty years of recording and audio engineering. Rendering entire universes of music and sounds. Or more simply put: sonic journeys.

A look to the future.

Ayalla’s first “Resonance” album started out as a zero-beats production. It doesn’t mean rhythm isn’t present. It means rhythm and pace are created in other ways. Currently (pre-)production is on its way for more Ayalla albums. This will include more Resonance albums, but also – teaser – an album based on Chinese philosophy, called “Tao -the art of living”.

Pristine studio quality.

Ayalla’s releases will be available online, but limited to high-quality streaming services only. Eclusive limited run collector’s editions will be available. All of Ayalla’s recordings are recorded in HiRes studio audio formats. Everything has been done to preserve the best quality throughout the production, mixing and mastering process.

Ultimately, this means pure, high-end studio quality is yours to enjoy.


Agency A Man and his Dog Records

Email anneliese [at] mazeter.com


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