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Melody first. Always.
Electronic music with a soul.

Mazeter (Nicolas van Oss) started playing instruments at the age of three. He’s a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. He is a composer, song writer, producer, artist and audio engineer with some fourty years of experience.

Nick has been performing and producing using different aliases. Now as Mazeter he is best known for tracks like Undiscovered Country, Motions and Paradox. His work is increasingly gaining popularity for putting melodies first. And for original sounds and tracks. Old-skool composition and production, often incorporating real instruments and vocals.


Wherever Nick is going, his faithful dog-mate “Nina” is always with him. Especially in the studio. It would be because of Nina, how Nick’s artist name and record label came by. For Mazeter it would be based on “master to his dog”. And it is also relating to that old dog and gramophone logo: ‘Nipper’ and ‘His master’s voice’“.

Production value and sharing knowledge.

Mazeter’s music is currently releasing through his own record label, A Man and his Dog Records. And being managed and produced by A Man and his Dog Productions. Mazeter is also producing (for) other artists, acts as a mix and audio engineer, a mentor and a teacher to some.

Nick also produces for sync and library licenses. In 2019 he has produced an exclusive licensed track for the world-renowned company Philips. This has caught major international attention. Mazeter’s licensed work stretches out to documentaries, events, projects, sound design, installation music and exhibitions.

A sound future.

Nick doesn’t like to stick to any particular style as Mazeter. Because, in his own words, good music is found all across the spectrum.
His latest project, under the pseudonym Ayalla,  branches out to modular and hybrid synthesis. Because it is so different in style and sound, it needed to be differentiated from the Mazeter releases and sound.


A lot of of Mazeter’s releases are available online on all major streaming services, including Spotify. Some are physical (or vinyl) exclusives, or for instance, limited run (collector’s) editions. Online, listen to his tracks and recordings, share them amongst your friends or stop by one of the social links to say hello.


Agency A Man and his Dog Records

Email anneliese [AT] mazeter.com

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