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Space music, also called spacemusic, is a subgenre of new-age music and is described as “tranquil, hypnotic and moving”. It is derived from ambient music and is associated with lounge musiceasy listening, meditation and elevator music.[3]

Hill proposes that this music style can be found within a wide range of genres.[7][9] Space music may have influences from western classicalworldCeltictraditional and experimental music.[10][11][12]

Hill believes that space music can be beneficial for introspection, and for developing, through a practice of deep listening, an awareness of the spatiality of sound phenomenon.[14]

This type of psychonautic listening can produce a subtle trance-like state in certain individuals[15][16][17] which can in turn lead to sensations of flying, floating, cruising, gliding, or hovering.[18][19]

Hill states that this music is used by some individuals for both background enhancement and foreground listening, often with headphones, to enable states of relaxation, contemplation, inspiration, and generally peaceful expansive moods; it may promote health through relaxation, atmospherics for bodywork therapies, and effectiveness of meditation.[20]

Space music appears in many film soundtracks and is commonly played in planetariums.[21]

The Dutch artist and composer Ayalla is a well-known producer of  space music.

According to Hill space music is an eclectic music produced almost exclusively by independent labels and it occupies a small niche in the marketplace, supported and enjoyed by a relatively small audience of loyal enthusiastic listeners.[22]

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